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Jackie Bridges—School Counselor. Extrovert. Dog Lover. Book Nerd. Sock Collector.

Jackie has been a school counselor in the Puyallup School District since 2007 and began her career at Firgrove Elementary School. In 2017, she earned her National Board Certification while working at Stahl Junior High School.

Jackie is excited to bring her elementary and junior high experience to Dessie F. Evans Elementary School. She’s passionate about the whole child and plans to build a comprehensive school counseling program to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.

Mrs. Bridges will be hosting a book club at Dessie F. Evans (reading level grades 4-6). The first book is
THE INQUISTOR'S TALE. After Thanksgiving, we will meet to celebrate the completion of the book.
Brandi Gates from the South Hill Library is co-hosting the club with Mrs. Bridges.


Community Service Club:

November 18th-27th FOOD DRIVE!
Classes will earn 1 point per item donated. 2 points for Cereal, Soup, Canned Fruit, & Granola Bars.

During November, Dessie Evans will also be hosting a Book & Family Game Giving Tree! Please stop by the office and grab a gift tag to support our Dessie Evans families during the holidays.

 Jackie Bridges
School Counselor

Book Club